OE98G: Introduction to IBM i for New Users

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on February 14, 2022


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Table of Contents

  1. Short Summary
  2. Duration
  3. Content Description
  4. Objectives
  5. Agenda
  6. Audience
  7. Skill Level
  8. Labs?
  9. Keywords
  10. Prerequisites
  11. Enrollment
  12. Errata
  13. Follow-on Courses

Short Summary

This course introduces a new user to IBM i. New users learn how to sign on and work on IBM i. Other courses of interest may be AS24G and AS27G.

Duration in Hours ⌚


Content Description

In this classroom course, you will learn basic concepts and skills you need to be productive users on Power Systems with IBM i. With plenty of hands-on lab exercises, we show everything from signing onto the available user interfaces; green screen environment and IBM Navigator for i.

You will learn how objects are managed on the system and how you display these objects. You will learn to use control language (CL) commands (fast path) and how to work with and manage messages on the system. Students will also learn how to the system manages work and how you manage your printouts. Lastly, students will also get a basic overview of security.


After completing this course, you should be able to:

•Explain the functions supported by IBM i operating systems

•Explain Power System with IBM i models and generations

•Explain which applications are supported

•Sign on / off the system

•Use the display station keyboard

•Use the online help that is available

•Use the different interfaces available for IBM i

•Understand how objects are managed

•Enter control language (CL) commands

•Send and receive messages and work with message queues

•Manage work and output

•Explain basic security concepts on IBM i



Unit 1 - Introduction and overview to IBM i

Unit 2 - Using the 5250 emulation interface

     Exercise 1- Using the 5250 emulation interface

Unit 3 – Overview of IBM I Access Client Solutions

     Exercise 2 – Overview of IBM i Access Client Solutions

Unit 4 - Using IBM Navigator for i

     Exercise 3 - Using IBM Navigator for i

Unit 5 - Using the messages function on IBM i

     Exercise 4 - Using the messages function with a display session

     Exercise 5 - Using the messages function with IBM Navigator for i

Unit 6 - Using CL commands on IBM i

     Exercise 6 - Using CL commands with a display session

     Exercise 7 - Using CL commands with IBM Navigator for i

Unit 7 - Managing objects on IBM i

     Exercise 8 - Object management on IBM i

Unit 8 - Managing your work on IBM i

     Exercise 9 - Tracking jobs and printouts on IBM i

Unit 9 - IBM i security overview

Unit 10 - Additional education


This course is intended for new users employed in a data processing environment who are new to Power Systems with IBM i.

Skill Level


Labs? 💻



Introduction to IBM i;OE98G; OE98; AS24G; AS24; MBJ00


There are no prerequisites for this course.




None specified.

Follow-on Courses


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